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2FLAOur "coupon" advertising at first glance may look a little different from what you usually see. Instead of flashy or blinking ads that everyone is trained to ignore, our advertising presents itself as an useful source of information. Our display advertising focuses on being current and up-to-date, and displaying what is special about your business to our visitors. Special details, like happy hour, discounts, and coupons are what customers are interested in initially.

Your "coupons" will includes print and email links, so the content of the advertising can be shared with others. This is ideal for offering coupons and other limited time offers.

There is an optional second type of advertsing which looks like an article, and works well for a long blocks of text. This format is especially well suited to including special details, facts, history, reviews or recent awards your business may of received. Letting customers know more about your business, is just one way to convert visitors into repeat customers that visit season after season.

Both types of display advertising require purchasing a subscription membership. Once subscribed, you can create your display advertising, which will be placed on your business listing. If you would like to display your ad on more than one business listing, we can create a custom advertising package to suit your needs. If you need help designing and creating your advertising, we can help. Contact us for more details.

Business Owners LOVE 2 FLA Advertising & Coupon Offers!

Business Owners can add money saving coupons, special offers, or advertising to their business listing. Change your ad as often as needed. Coupons drive customers to your business. After all, Who doesn't like a coupon?

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