Fishing Guide Chart

Species as of April 2002 Minimum size limits Closed season Bag limit Comments
Greater Amber Jack 28 " Fork   one per day per person  
Lesser Amber Jack Banded Rudderfish
lesser amber Jack banded rudderfish
not less than 14 " or more than 22 " fork   5 aggregate or lesser amber Jack in banded rudder fish  
Bill fish


sailfish 63 ", blue Marlin 99 ", white Marlin 66 "   1 person per day aggregate bag limit species includes marlins, beer fish, and sailfish. measured from the tip of the lower jaw to Fork. federal size limit applies. all landed fish must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours 1-800-894-5528
Black Drum
black drum fish
not less than 14 "or more than 24 "   5 per person per day may possess one over 24 "
12 " Fork   10 per person per day  
Bonefish 18 "   1 per person per day  
Clams -- hard 1" thick across hinge May not harvest half hour after official sunset until half hour before official sunrise one 5 gallon bucket per person or 2 per vessel whichever is less per day illegal to harvest from closed areas. Goto
Cobia (ling)
33 in. fork   1 per person per day. 6 per vessel per day whichever is less  
Blue crab     10 gallons whole per day 5 traps minimum, traps requirements apply, harvest or egg bearing crabs prohibited
Stone crab 2 3/4 in. claw May 15 -- Oct. 14 1 gallon Stone Crab claws per person or 2 gallons per vessel whichever is less 5 trap maximum.  Drab requirements apply the illegal to posses whole grabbed.  Harvests of a egg-bearing crabs prohibited
Crawfish (spiny lobster) larger than 3 in. carapace is measured in the loosely water April 1st -- August 5th exceptions sports men season -- last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year  6 per person per day recreational trapping prohibited.  Crawfish permit required, special bag limit for today's sportsmen's season call DLE for current information on sportsmen's season
dolphin fish
    10 per person per day  
12 in.   10 per person per day may be harvested by Spear
Gray trigger fish 12 in.      
red grouper
20"   five aggregate of all species per person per day includes yellow fin, red, yellow mouth, misty, scamp, yellow edge.  Harvest of Nassau and Jew fish prohibited
Grouper -- black and gag 24 in.Atlantic & Monroe County

22" Gulf ( excluding  Monroe county)

  2 per person per day Atlantic and Monroe County.  5 per person per day gulf ( excluding  Monroe county)  included in group  aggregate bag limits
Grouper -- Warsaw speckled hind     1 per vessel per day of each species  included in group or aggregate bag limit. 
Hog fish 12 in. fork   5 per day per person  
King mackerel
King Mackeral
24" fork   2 per person per day bag limit in Gulf Atlantic fishery reduced to one when federal water for close to all harvests call DLE for details
Spanish mackerel
spanish mackeral
12" Fork   15 per person per day transfer of Spanish mackerel to other vessels at sea is prohibited
Mullet-striped (Black & sivler)
mullet fantail
    50 per  person,100 per vessel whichever is less per day feb- August 31  
Oysters 3 in. June, July, Aug., in Dixie, Levy, counties July, Aug., Sept and all others 2 bags per person or vessel whichever is less per day. one bag equals 60 lbs. or two 5 gallon buckets holdings shall Appalachicola Bay as summer and winter season areas harvest from approve shellfish there's only
Permit and Pompano permit fish
not less than 10" or more than 20" fork   10 per person per day of permit and pomp but no.  Ten aggregate sales prohibited for pop but no more than 20 inches may possess one over 20 inches of either permit or Pompano
African Pompano not less than 24 in. fork   to fish per person per vessel per day whichever is less look and line gear only
Red drum (redfish)
red drum fish
not less than 18 in. or more than 27 in.   1 per person per day J. gain, sparing, snatching prohibited
Bay scallops   Sept. 11 -- June 30th 2 gallons whole or one pint meat per person no more than 10 gallons whole or 1/2 gallon meat per vessel anytime restricted harvest areas apply to certain state waters call SMP for current information
Sea bass 8 in.     size limit applies to all sea bass is (centropristis) except black sea bass
Black Sea Bass 10 in.   20 per person per day Atlantic  
Shad     10 aggregate per person American, Alabama, and hickory are part of aggregate limit. 
Shark     1 per person, to per vessel whichever is less protected species, practice of finning and delaying at sea prohibited.  No harvest of saw fish basking in whale shark or spotted Eagle rays
Sheephead fish
12 "   15 per person per day must be landed in hold condition contact DLE FOR Close area. Measured from the most forward point of head to the rear center edge of the tail
Shrimp   April and May closed to NASAu, Duval,  St. John, Putnam, Flagler, and clay counties 5 gal. heads on per person or vessel per day, Whichever is less must be landed in a hold condition. contact DLE for closed areas
Great snapper (mangrove) 10 in   five per person per day aggregate bag limit no more than 10 snappers aggregate or all snappers with a bag limit
Lane snapper 8"   10 bag limit Snapper aggregate if harvested in Atlantic Lane snapper harvested in Gulf of Mexico not subject to aggregate bag limit
Mutton snapper 16   10 per person per day aggregate bag limit  
Red snapper
red snapper
20" Atlantic, 16" gulf Nov -1 -April 4 per person inGulf of Mexico or 2 perperson/ day  Atlantic included within  10 per person per day snappers aggregate of all snappers with bag limits
Snapper-schoolmaster 10"   10 per person per day aggregate bag limit  
Vermilion snapper
vermillion snapper
10"    10 per person per day Atlantic not counted in snapper aggregate bag limit
All other snappers 12"   10 per person per day aggregate of all snappers with a bag limit includes black fin, dog, Mahogany, Queen, Silk and Yellow Tail
Snook not less than 26" or more than 34" December 15th -- Jan 31st  June July and August- Atlantic: May, June , July, Aug Gulf , Monroe County, Everglades Nat. Park 2 per person per day- Atlantic.

1perpersons per day- gulf

still snug permit required when saltwater licensed required, illegal to possess any more than 34 inches illegal to buy are to sell
Spotted sea trout
spotted sea trout
 not less than 15" not more than 20".    not more than 20 inches N.E. and N.W. Regions February S. Region -  November to December South region 4 per person.  N.W and N.E. region 5 fish per person.  


    2 fish possession limit requires 50 dollar tarpon tag to possess or harvest
Triple tail 15"   2 per person per day hook and line gear only ( no snags Hooks
Weak fish
weak fish
12"   4 per person per day